Refined in the Land Between

Therefore, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; My God will hear me.  – Micah 7:7

We are each on a journey from birth to death and beyond.  Some do not accept the beyond part.  Nevertheless, while on this journey we will pass through many stages; age-wise, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and the supernatural.  Whether we acknowledge the latter or not, we will still experience some form to some degree of the supernatural existence in this world and certainly beyond.

The purpose of this class is to assist believers in transitioning through these awkward, even tragic events.  This class is based loosely on the book The Land Between by Jeff Manion.  It was written to help people of faith and doubt; with the added potential to make us bitter, angry and lose faith.  The book uses, as a back drop, the recently freed Israelites wandering in the wilderness as written in the book of Exodus.

The Israelites had been in bondage 430 years in harsh conditions as slaves to the Egyptians.  God heard their cry for deliverance and when the time was right, His plan and purpose was put in motion.  Having prepared Moses to lead His chosen people from bondage to the promised land.

This Community Connection Group, led by Suzanne Mann, meets on Thursdays in the Fellowship Hall at 6pm.  

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