Geo Bowman is launching a 12-week Community Connection group called, ‘Spanish with a Mission’.

A call to spread the gospel is one of the highest honors you can receive. But frustration can set in if you feel called to minister to those with whom you don’t share a language. In an effort to address this, Spanish With a Mission seamlessly integrates teaching Spanish with gospel-oriented vocabulary and cultural insights. It provides an excellent resource for any individual or group looking to minister to Spanish speakers across the street or abroad. With a vocabulary of more than one thousand words focusing on the themes of family, home, classroom, food, clothes, body, city, the Bible, and witnessing, this guide lays a thorough foundation for basic Spanish conversation in an easy-to-follow format, with exercises to practice what you learn. Spanish with a Mission provides practical tools that give the seeds planted on missions the greatest potential for growth. It will teach you conversational Spanish to help you build relationships and communicate the Gospel.

Space is limited at 20 participants, so register early to guarantee your spot.  There is a book that you will need to purchase before the class begins and you can get that here.  You can register online here.