A Mission in art

A Mission in Art is a small Community Connection group that centers around our Revival Kids that are between the ages of 6-12. In this class, they will be learning about the different missionaries we support here at the Revival Center and creating art that is unique to each country from all around the world! Christian and JT Lee will be heading up this Community Connection.
We hope your kids can join us in the Revival Kid's Theater on Fridays at 6:00pm.

If your kids are interested in being a part of this Community Connection group, or would like to know more, be sure to fill out the form below!

Meet our missionaries

Joil and Leah Marbut


Justin and Sarah White


Cody and Taylor Griggs


Jon and Dede Mccluey


Nate Craft


Jay and Alecia Bonner

United States

Kellie Norris

Costa Rica