At the Revival Center, we believe praise is important.

From the music to the message, we have a genuine passion for Jesus, life, and family.

Each week we Connect Life through worship and building relationships. When believers gather in one place, hearts are healed and hope is restored. When we come to know Christ, we find that we want to give Jesus our praise.

Praise is not a duty; it is compulsory, contagious, and shows our love for God.

Life means you are moving and growing. Growing as a Christian is becoming a disciple. Discipleship comes in many forms.

At the Revival Center, we are building community around 3 ideas:

  1. Community Connections (small groups)
  2. Students/Children
  3. Outreach/Missions

This is for all ages and we encourage everyone to get involved. Journey 101 and Sunday School take place each Sunday at 9:45am. We want you to Celebrate Life with us!

We come together each week to: