The death of someone we love or care about is a life-altering experience and often changes us on every level. People come to realize that they will never be the same person they were before. Once grief enters our lives, it becomes a part of our lives—not in the same intensity or form as it is in the beginning, but, as we go through life, we find that our grief for that person or over that experience is there, and we see how it changes as we change. This is referred to as creating a “new normal” or “moving forward”.  One does not “get over” losing a loved one, but rather eventually learns how to incorporate not only the grief but also the person into that new life, creating a new relationship with him or her that is no longer about his or her body. That takes commitment, self-compassion, and support.

Bobbye Stewart has a powerful testimony and story of her continued journey through the loss of a child.  Bobbye wants to help others through the grieving process and build a community of support.

This Community Connection group meets the 4th Sunday of the Month @ 5pm here at the church.  If you’re interested in learning more or to sign-up for this Community Connection group, click here.