As women we long for abundance… waiting for what’s next and experiencing the impatience of what life currently seems to offer. Our hearts year for different things, but our expectations are generally the same: Lord help us find the path to the one our heart desires, let success be in our future, let us see a season of abundance. We want the Psalms 37:4 life, “delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”, without the Sarah Seasons of wait.

So how do we balance this and how can we rest in God’s promises? Women are welcome to join us as we dig into the bible and explore what the Lord is telling us. As we finish up studying women in the bible, we will be moving on to the life of King David. We will walk through their stories, psalms, and lessons and watch how his lives and heart for Christ changed throughout the seasons that he went through. As God moved in his heart and allowed his direction to come from Him, his focus and humility changed and so did his blessings. We can’t wait to celebrate this season of life with you, to work together through what the Lord is pulling you to, to open up the word which guide us and allow our hearts to delight in His plan. Knowing that our expectation rests in Christ alone.

We welcome all women to join us in this journey of discovering the goodness of God. This Sunday School class is led by Leah Harry and will launch June 5th.

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