Are you a single lady, either by divorce, widow, or not yet entered married life??? We are beyond excited to launch a community connection group to bring women together from across the area to have some girl time!! The idea for this Community Connection, led by Tiffany Cleckler, began after having participated in a community Bible study group where it became blatantly clear that women want community. They want relationships with other women. This group of women is specifically geared to single women as they are group within our churches that gets caught in this space where it’s hard to connect to others simply because of being single. This is not a group meeting to discuss finding a spouse or dwelling on being single, though it is likely to come up. The purpose with this group is that we just become a community of women who can be there for each other, share with each other, grow with each other and most importantly build relationships. No matter why or how long we each will be in this single place in our lives we are not alone. Single does not mean alone. I can not wait to see how this group ministers to each of us and how God is going to work in our lives through this. This is not a VRC church only group. It is community wide and beyond. So invite anyone who you feel would like to hang out and enjoy some girl time. For information on our next meeting, contact Tiffany here!