Respecting our Elderly

Written by Jason Allums

We are to always respect our elders whether they are our parents or not. Never forget to take care of your elders, helping them with what they need; and always be gentle, showing loving kindness.

Think about this quote: “Respect your elders. They made it through school without Google or Wikipedia.” The Bible speaks a great deal about honor and respect. In fact the second greatest commandment found in all of scripture is loving your neighbor as yourself. Our Christian faith is both horizontal and vertical in relationship. It is vertical in how it deals with our relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. It is horizontal in how it deals with our relationship with each other. Those things in which you honor, you attract back into your life. If you honor gossip, criticizing, drama, no self control, etc…you attract those qualities back into your life. However, if you honor peace, unity, humility, love, forgiveness, etc…you will attract those qualities back into your life as well. 

The Bible speaks about honoring our seniors in our communities:

Leviticus 19:32 says, “Stand up in the presence of the elderly, and show respect for the aged. Fear your God. I am the LORD.”

Timothy 5:1-3 says, “Never speak harshly to an older man, but appeal to him respectfully as you would to your own father. Talk to younger men as you would to your own brothers. Treat older women as you would your mother, and treat younger women with all purity as you would your own sisters. Take care of any widow who has no one else to care for her.

Job 12:12 says, “Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days.”

We need honor and respect to be displayed in our lives and our culture. There are many programs that offer help to the seniors in our communities and I would like to highlight one of those: 

Downsizing for Seniors (Community Outreach and Senior Advocate number:
(800) 277-2515)

Downsizing is often the best option for seniors who want to cut costs or have medical problems requiring constant care. Selling their homes could provide them with additional funds to cover their retirement and other medical expenses. It also relieves them of managing a house, which in itself can bring stress and risk of accidents. There are many options available for senior care.

It is important that seniors understand their options, so they can find a place best suited for their care needs and still allow them to thrive physically and mentally. has created a few guides with an online directory to help seniors navigate the nearby assisted living facilities in Alabama.  

Here are the links for quick reference:
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