Heaven's gates and hell's flames

Revival Center is proud to present, in partnership with Reality Outreach Ministries, the powerful life changing drama Heaven’s Gates & Hell’s Flames.

This live dramatic performance, involving special sound and visual effects, starts by asking the question, “Where will you be when Reality strikes”!

The play begins with the crucifixion of Jesus and depicts His resurrection victory over Satan. The focus then turns to the Gates of Heaven and the coming Judgment where everyone will one day stand before God. A series of vignettes follow depicting people from various walks of life who suddenly and unexpectedly die.
Some of them are prepared, others are not. The play graphically depicts the blessedness of meeting Jesus at the Gates of Heaven and the horror of facing eternity in Hell.

There are three performances for you to choose: Sunday October 24th @ 6pm, Monday October 25th @ 7pm, & Tuesday October 26th @ 7pm. 

Night of Worship 

We will be having a Night of Worship on Wednesday, October 27th, at 7pm. We will be celebrating what God did during the Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames event. We will also be having water baptisms that night for those who desire to publicly declare their faith in Jesus Christ. 

90 minutes in heaven

November 28th, in both services, we will be join in service by Don Piper. Don is the writer of the book 90 Minutes in Heaven. He will be preaching and telling about his experiences. You do not want to miss this special Sunday service.