An Opportunity to Serve

Written by Alex Fortson

Acts 20:35 states, “ In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” With Pumpkin Patch season upon us I want to take a moment and talk about serving. There are multiple ways to serve within the church, one of them being serving of one's time.

We often look at this verse in the context of money, saying that it is more blessed to give your money than it is to receive, but let's look at this verse in the context of time. You see, most of the time when you give money, people do not see that. It is hidden and more behind the scenes. On the other hand, when you give your time you are in front of everyone to see. You may then be challenged with questions or statements like, “Why are you wasting your time serving at the church?” “Do you ever get to do anything fun?” “You are always doing something with that church.” What is your response? Do you stand firm in what you are doing or do you allow those around you to influence you to suppress your desire to serve the Lord? We must protect our opportunities to serve within the church or within our community. We understand that giving our time is much more of a blessing than not giving at all. Your own family may challenge you. Will you be ready to stand your ground? 

Do you know why you're even serving? Well, the answer is simple. We do it to bring glory and honor to God–to see one more soul brought into the kingdom of heaven. You may be asking yourself, “How in the world does serving at a place like the Pumpkin Patch advance the kingdom of God?” I am glad you asked. We get the opportunity to be the light of Jesus in front of tens of thousands of people each and every weekend. We might even be the only Jesus they have experienced all week. I have seen our bold and courageous pumpkin labelors huddled up praying for families in the Pumpkin Patch. People all over are desperate for something real and something life-changing, and we get the opportunity to reveal Jesus to them. We have seen souls saved and lives changed simply by picking up a pumpkin, labeling it for them, and taking it to their car. You see, it is simply through our obedient generosity that God begins to work. 

So I encourage you this week to find an opportunity to serve. Of course, we would love to see you at Old Baker Farm’s Pumpkin Patch each weekend in October! Another opportunity to serve is at Build A Bridge with Pastor Brandy. I know their team would love to have you come serve with them as well. You talk about a blessing! There is nothing like giving a family, who has no food or any way of eating dinner, a bag full of groceries. Beyond these opportunities, there are so many ways to get involved in the church and community. Find a place to serve and watch as God begins to bless you. Amen.
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