Life Change from a Play

Written by Angie Drummonds

I vividly remember when I first felt the Holy Spirit drawing me to repent of my sins and follow Jesus. I was a seven year old girl who had always known about Jesus and always loved Him. But this day was different. I felt different. I felt convicted for my sins and felt the need to confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior. My heart was beating out of my chest as I walked down that aisle and made the best decision I have ever made!

I had just watched a play called Judgment Morning that one of the churches in our town used to put on each year. It is very similar to the Heaven’s Gates, Hell’s Flames drama we are doing now. I used to love watching the play every year as each scene would play out. For the sake of the play the just and the unjust were all being judged before God on “Judgment Morning”. 

There were scenes of families where the mom and kids all went to church but the dad refused to go and follow Jesus. There were scenes where teenagers never accepted Jesus and spent the night drinking and driving and wrecked and took not only their lives but also the life of a teenage girl leaving church. There were funny scenes of church gossips and good ol’ country boys, and serious scenes of military families faced with losing a loved one, as well as scenes that dealt with suicide and abortion. Each scene was exciting to watch play out; and then came judgment and each person would be judged and would spend eternity in heaven or hell.  

The reality of eternity became real to me after watching that play. It made me realize that one day we will all stand before God and give an account of our lives. I decided that day as a young girl that I wanted to serve Jesus. I wanted His light to shine bright in me. 

By the time this blog posts we will be right in the middle of our presentation of Heaven’s Gates, Hells Flames. And my prayer is that others will feel the same drawing that I felt as a young girl and that they’ll make the best decision they’ll ever make and decide to follow Jesus. 

I’ll always remember when Jesus saved me and set me free. There’s nothing more exciting than the day you decide to follow Jesus. The hope. The peace. The joy. Nothing compares to the freedom we have in Jesus; and I pray if you don’t know or understand what that feels like, that as you read these words, the Holy Spirit will draw you and you too will decide to follow Jesus.
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