Thank You

Written by Devon Bowman

As of the posting of this blog we will have just been sent out as global workers in Eurasia. That is still surreal to put to paper. The journey of our family walking this out has been years in the making. We knew this when we came to the Revival Center. We knew that our time together was in the Lord’s hands. At the end of this I just simply want to say thank you.

There is not enough time nor space on this blog to sufficiently thank every person in every way that I would like. The Lord has absolutely blessed our time together. Geo and I are so grateful for just how you have loved us and cared for our family. 

When we came to the church we had not yet been married an entire year. We had no children. We had never been in full time ministry. I still joke that I cannot believe Pastor Jason hired us. 

You saw us grow up before your eyes. You guided us in the Word, in love, in community, and in caring for others. You welcomed us immediately as if you had known us all our lives. You made Vincent home for us. 

Geo and I thank you for loving us and Olivia. I think that many of you are more sad to see Olivia go than either of us. I do not blame anyone for that. The love that you have shown her I believe is more special to us than anything else. 

It is not a “goodbye” but “see you later.” We covet your prayers and support. Just like we could not have thrived in this last season without each of you, the same is true for the next. 

When I accepted the position at VRC Geo and I had a conversation. We knew that Eurasia was where God was leading us. However, we made it a point to be all in. We said that we wanted to give our all and be fully invested at the Revival Center. We said we wanted it to be hard to leave in the end. I can tell you it has been because of how special each one of you are to us. 

I am reminded of how Paul and Barnabas were sent out from Antioch. God calls, the people obey, and the church sends. What we're doing is how God ordained. We are just eternally grateful that our sending church is Vincent Revival Center.
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Kristy - January 22nd, 2024 at 10:04am

Praise the Lord for raising up truth spreaders and a church to equip them 🙏🙌💙