”Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are children of one’s youth.” – Psalm 127:4
Are you a homeschool family looking for community? We have a spot saved for you and your children. Our desire is to connect with other homeschoolers on the bi-weekly basis so that we can grow closer in our friendships, build community, and together sharpen our arrows in an environment steeped in God’s Word.
This year our Homeschool Community Group will be going “Full STEAM ahead- Junk Drawer Wars”.  Each lesson is stand-alone so feel free to join any time. Details are posted on the groups Facebook page and in the church app. Some meetings will be off campus. No curriculum is needed but sometimes you will need common household items to bring per child. This Community Connection, led by Beck Shirley, will be held every other Thursday at 1:00 pm in the gym.

Fall Semester 2023 Homeschool Connection Days:

August 31st- Back to School with McWane Science Center at Revival Center

September 14th- Junk Drawer Wars

September 28th- Park/Hang Out day

October 12th- Junk Drawer Wars

October 26th- Park/Hang out Day

November 9th- Junk Drawer Wars

November 30th- Park/ Hang Out day

December 12th- Birmingham Zoo at VRC- Secrets of the Zoo
Each lesson is stand-alone, so feel free to join at  anytime. Some meetings  will be off campus, while  no curriculum is needed, sometimes you will be required to bring household items for each child.

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